Let us introduce ourselves   

We are Millie & Green a British born brand specialising in a unique range of finest quality luxury handpoured scented candles made in England.


We have fallen in love with our candles and we want to share them with you as we are so passionate that you will love them too.


We wanted to offer a truly sensory experience with our unique range of beautiful fragrances.


Our inspiration was to design a brand of candles that made a connection with your feelings and emotions that would transport you to a special place, a beautiful memory or a certain emotion and this was our motivation. We want you to feel the evocative scent wrap its arms around you.


Designed and created with love, a passion for detail and styled with perfect simplicity. They will not only look stylish but smell fabulous bringing the magic into your home.


Light a Millie & Green candle, close your eyes and let the scent transport you to a special place.


We hope you will love our candles as much as we do.

"Close your eyes and let our scents  transport you to a special place"

Jill Mumford, Founder Millie & Green